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How brands can use Valentine's Day to profess their love for customers

By Avinash Patil

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Come 14th Feb every year, the day is celebrated by gifting loved ones as a way of expressing their love. Not just people, even brands can make use of Valentine’s Day to profess their love for customers. 

This Valentine’s Day do something which will be remembered by your customers. In case, you are in limbo as what to do, here are ways to get you in the limelight.

1. Show your customers that you care  

Making customers feel valued is the oldest rule in the book and it will always stay that way. Your gestures will definitely make customers raving about you.

It doesn’t always have to be something big. Even a small greeting card that carries a personalized message would suffice. It is the intention that matters!

Gifts are an absolute favorite on special occasions and Valentine’s Day is no different. Mugs, T-shirts, gift vouchers and other customized items are bound to delight your customers. 

In 2013, Pizza Hut gave away 100 bottles of perfume to a lucky few. A rare perfume called Eau De Pizza Hut was made specially for the occasion. It trended under the #lastminutelovers directed towards spouses and better halves who were too lazy to gift.

pizza hut last minute lover

The campaign ran for two days i.e. from 11 Feb to 13 Feb. The lucky ones had received 24 gifts all in all, including the perfume and $20 gift card which had arrived in time on the valentine's day.

Now that’s really a surprise! 

2. Personalize your message and gift them 


The first point stressed the importance of making customers feel wanted. Personalization helps you just do that. It helps in fostering the much needed personal connection that is missing when brands normally interact with customers.

Suppose you are a fast-food restaurant chain and you want to do something that would make you their firm favorite.

What can you do to make it happen?

By including a personalized message or a complimentary gift along with the order.

Personalization wins big time and Taco Bell raised the bar with its Snapchat campaign.

Targeted towards millennials, Taco Bell made clever use of Snapchat’s story feature which disappears after 24 hours.

In this campaign, the American fast food chain provided a range of Valentine’s Day greetings and even elaborated the process of personalizing cards before sending it to their loved ones. 

That’s pretty straightforward! 


Creativity at its best!


3. Use a part of the proceeds to donate it to charity

Since Valentine’s day is all about sharing love, use the proceeds to make a donation to charity.

If you are a retail store and one of your customers buys from you, inform them that a part of their money would be given to an orphanage or a fundraiser campaign supporting a particular cause.

Bringing a smile on the faces of the less privileged ones is a noble gesture and no sane customer would object to it. 

Macy’s is a known name in the American retail industry. It has come up with many campaigns which have set an example for others to follow. One such example is its #macysgoesred campaign started on account of Valentine’s Day in 2013.

It was aimed to raise funds for the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign. Users were required to upload a social media post that featured them in red. For every post that was shared, $2 would be donated to the fund. 

This campaign was undertaken in Feb 2013 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the American Heart Month. 

Social responsibility and Valentine’s Day going hand in hand is a rarity and Macy’s showed that no one can it better.

4. Make a video

Videos are in vogue and the trend will see an upward shift. Moreover, who doesn’t like videos?

A simple video featuring your customers and their feedback could help you win them over for life. Being featured is a happy thing and when the videos are shared on social media sites, it will be appreciated for its authenticity.

It could also be a thank you video expressing your gratitude for being part of their journey.

WestJet, the airline company decided to make Valentine’s Day a truly memorable one for two lucky guys.

The two guys who were about to pop the question to their girlfriends were flown to Barbados along with partners adding a fairytale twist to the plot.

This was a truly special event which was authentic and original. It is an example for brands to learn how video marketing could help in boosting your brand visibility on the internet.


5. Value customer feedback

What better gift could your customers get other than knowing that their feedback has been implemented? Though feedback should be collected regularly, you could do things differently this Valentine’s Day.

How about implementing the customer feedback and let them know that the product included the changes that they had asked for. 

6. Introduce a new product

Occasions like these offer an opportunity for brands to launch their products and promote them. This Valentine’s Day, Dunkin’ Donuts will be reintroducing their heart-shaped donuts and Bling donuts on Feb 14, 2019.


Yes, you heard it right!

And there’s more. In another initiative, Dunkin’ took over Sure Thing, a chapel in Las Vegas on Feb 9 from 11 AM to 3 PM to help 100 fortunate couples exchange their marital vows.

The mainstay of this event was a custom made donut bouquet with the entire chapel decorated with the Dunkin’ theme and its signature pink hair so that people can preside over the weddings.

Tough to beat that!

7. Send your customers a Thank You note

As stated earlier, small gestures can make a big impact. Since Valentine’s Day is celebrated to honor the feeling of love, a thank you note with heartfelt wishes would make your customers’ day.

Big or small, it’s the gesture that matters.

8. Send unique emails to your customers

The second point emphasized the power of personalization. One common way to include personalization in your email campaigns is to make use of customer data.

Where do I find it?

Your website and CRM would help you with that.

Do you know the main reason why certain emails have a high conversion rate?

Because they have inquisitive subject lines. Having a subject line which spikes the interest of the users is essential.

The open rates of emails are higher when they are personalized and manage to catch the reader’s attention thus keeping them engaged.

Second, the content of the email should be such that it should elicit a response from the reader. Don’t forget to include a compelling Call-To-Action (CTA). 

The perfect CTA line asking them to share the post with their friends. By the way, it is a contest which is one way to get your customers to participate and make sure your brand has shares on social media. 


Festivals and joyous occasions are opportunities for brands to build and strengthen their relationship with customers. The aforementioned points will help you in coming up with distinct ways to engage with your customers this Valentine’s Day.

Let us know of any strategies that you employed and what worked for you. 


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Avinash Patil

Written by Avinash Patil