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Survaider receives 'Great User Experience' and 'Best Usability' awards by SoftwareSuggest

By Team Survaider

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What are the critical requirements of a robust and efficient software solution?

While you may be thinking of performance and scalability, the reality, however, is that a superb UX and easy-to-use features are the most sought-after requirements, probably more than anything else.

In fact, if the user experience and usability factors go wrong, the end users of a software solution might fail to leverage its full benefits.

Hence, the team behind our customer experience solution knows this, and thus, it is consistently striving to offer the best-in-class user experience and the easy-to-use features for its users.

So this is why leading business software discovery and recommendation platform, SoftwareSuggest has recognized our efforts and has bestowed us with two prominent awards - the 'Great User Experience' and the 'Best Usability' awards for 2019. 

Experts at SoftwareSuggest believe that Survaider's unique and intuitive platform allows brands to efficiently manage its customer experience related problems while effectively focusing on other parts of its business.

As far as SoftwareSuggest is concerned, it is a leading B2B software discovery and recommendation platform, that compares various contenders in the market and suggests the best software solution as per your business requirements. 

Moreover, we are continuously striving to bring newer updates and add many other helpful features to our product.

With Survaider's CX management solution, our customers are empowered to drive their business in the right direction while keeping their customers happy and satisfied.

A quick introduction to the product

Survaider offers a simple and easy-to-use customer experience management solution that allows the brands to collect and analyse feedbacks and reviews from all of their customers in real-time through a single and intuitive platform.

Some of the unique features of Survaider's CX management solution are - customer feedback management, competitor analysis, real-time NPS tracking, online reputation management, team collaboration, ticket management, issue tracking, and many more.


Team Survaider

Written by Team Survaider