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Don't Share These 5 Secrets Of Online Reviews

By Akshay Karwal

In earlier days, buyers had just sales professional at their disposal to give them insights on a product or a brand. We have come a long way since then.

We have now a multitude of resources to validate the brand value and reputation. One of such resources is online reviews.

They apparently have become one of the major deciding factors in the buying process.

1. Fake online reviews can be easily spotted

Considering the importance of online reviews, businesses are gathering fake online reviews to beat their respective competitors.

It is indeed tempting to adopt this tactic, but the effect of such fake reviews are zero to none. Nowadays, one can easily spot fake reviews from the authentic ones.
No, people are not magician or voodoo of some kind but they can easily detect the pattern.

One such pattern that most fake reviews have is an abundance of 100% positive reviews.
That's not believable and one has to be really gullible to fall for such scheme.
5/5 rating is a myth and even if you have it, then it can do more harm than good to your business.
Which directly means, a few negative reviews should always be welcome. Wait, what?

The above statement destroys every customer experience goals that one business should achieve - "Keep all your customers happy."
Yes, you should, but that doesn't mean they could never get pissed off at your product/service. 


2. Mood and attitude of customers does matter

Let's be practical here and consider the fact that you will find customers with every mood.

For example, it is very likely for someone who just got dumped to not be happy with your product or service whatsoever.
But, here is the good thing. People do know that.
Which is why customers always look if there are any negative reviews, and if there are, (well this is very important) they would like to know as to how the business handles such online reviews.
So how can you take those negative reviews and use it as a weapon to guard your business with eyes of suspicion?

3. Always, always reply to negative online reviews

If you don't respond to the negative reviews of your business then it clearly shows apathy towards your customers.

Always admit your mistake and assure the user that you have taken the complaint as your first priority and will do everything at your disposal to rectify the issue.
Hence, when a third person views this conversation, it would give him/her a great deal of satisfaction and affirmation that your company does take care of their customers and value their feedback.

4. Stay clear of the perfect score

It sounds silly, but it actually works. If all your customer gives you 5-star rating then either you are a business producing Brad Pitt or you have garnered fake positive reviews.

A study found that a star rating between 4.2 and 4.5 was most dominant in helping buyers make purchasing decisions. Mainly because it gives an impression of the authentic reviews.

5. Aim for quantity and quality

Just ask yourself, what is more authentic and trustworthy - 5-star rating given by 10 customers or 4.5-star rating given by 100 customers?

The latter provides excellent reliability factor for the business and it is a no-brainer that a good number of reviews always help in the long run.



No one likes negative reviews. But it is your responsibility to get them in favor of your business by acknowledging and improving the customer experience.


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Akshay Karwal

Written by Akshay Karwal