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13 ways to increase your hotel bookings and get more revenue

By Avinash Patil



Running a hotel and ensuring that your cash registers keep ringing is a daunting task. Changing times and increased competition have made it difficult for hotels to increase bookings.


So what do you do?




Sure! Only if you want to shut shop early.


If you are looking for an answer, here are 13 ways you can increase your hotel bookings and get more revenue.


1. Improve customer experience


As cliched as it sounds, many hotels still ignore this fact. Customers who have had a great experience are more likely to visit you again. 


It can be as simple as providing information through digital content about places to visit or providing a list of amenities available at the hotel. 


For instance, Hilton's brand loyalty program is a class apart.

Members joining this flagship programme called Hilton Honors can select the room of their choice, order meals before hand, check in and out and unlock rooms and elevators with a digital key. 


How does it sound? 



Customers who have a positive experience will become promoters of your hotel. Their referrals to their family and friends will bring you more business.


2. Keep your staff happy


Happy hotel staff means happy guests. When hotel staff work diligently, it results in a positive experience.


Provide them with incentives after a good job so that they are motivated to continue serving guests better.


3. Encourage your happy customers to leave reviews


You don’t get anything until you ask. Reach out to your customers via personalized mail and ask them to leave reviews.


Is it important?


Sure as hell! Because 90% of the customers opine that reviews play a important role while booking a hotel room


What if I get a negative review? This is a genuine concern but you can always take it in a positive way, as such reviews would help you in getting aware of the aspects that need improvement. Obviously, you are required to tackle negative reviews and make them in favor of your hotel.


4. Develop customer personas


Customer personas can help you strategize marketing decisions. It helps you understand customer pain-points, likes, and desires.  

They also help you in targeting the right kind of customers. Knowing details such as age, preferences, buying habits can help you in marketing your hotel better. 


5. Make your site mobile responsive


The world is becoming mobile savvy. We bet at the point of writing this line, one person is glued to their mobile screen.


Not optimizing your website for mobile will only drive away bookings. Why?


  • 30% of the online bookings are made through mobile devices including tablets. And you know what? It is rising at a rate of 1% per quarter
  • Also, 38% of leisure travelers and 57% of business travelers use mobile to look for travel info


6. Don’t offer too many choices


Offering options and packages more than what is required will confuse customers. You wouldn’t want to leave them in two minds, do you? 


A website with overloaded features could leave your customers with way too many choices. It then becomes difficult for your customers to make a purchase. A simple website with a few options and features is more likely to interest the customer. 


7. Improve your website load speed


A slow website will leave customers impatient. The average ideal website load time is 2 seconds.


At peak traffic times, 75% of online customers leave for a competitor’s site in case of delay. 



Also, make sure your content is displayed properly because 8 out of 10 customers would stop engaging with content if it isn’t displayed on their website.


Shocking, isn’t it?


Remember to make navigation easy for your customers.


8. Make your site visually appealing


Your hotel website should be designed by adhering the seven basic design principles-


  • Relevancy and Content
  • Menu and Navigation
  • Branding and Design
  • Layout
  • Use of Images
  • Languages
  • Design


Stunning visuals will leave your potential customers amazed.


How do we know this?


Images contribute 60% to a guest’s decision to book a hotel. Even high-quality mesmerizing images drive conversions on online booking sites such as TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip and Expedia.


9. Use the right colors


Colors are known to influence moods. The following bright colors have proven to have a positive effect on buying decisions.


Blue - Blue symbolises peace, responsibility and reliability. It also indicates productivity.


Yellow - Yellow is associated with optimism and confidence. Warm, friendly and positivity are the other attributes of yellow.


Green - Green is attributed to health, calmness, power, and nature. Calmness is essential in making a wise purchase decision. So, including it can improve your conversions.


Orange - Orange represents fun, relaxation and friendliness. It is pleasing to the eyes.


Many of the CTA buttons used are green. In most cases, a green CTA button has increased the conversion rates.


But, the color in itself doesn’t improve conversions but, the right pairing does.


10. Include Reviews and Testimonials


Reviews and Testimonials indicate social proof. It indicates the customer experience and their opinion after the usage of the product.


Reviews are powerful, so much so that 93% of the people find reviews important while deciding to book a hotel.


Including reviews from highly trusted hotel review sites such as TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip and Expedia can give your hotel a much needed credible touch.


11. Go Pet-friendly


Making a few rooms pet-friendly can give you an edge over your competitors.


Think about it. How many hotels allow pets?

Accommodating pets can turn all canine and feline owners into loyal customers of your hotel. Often, pet owners find it hard to travel because of having to leave their pets behind.


Charging an extra amount for pet-friendly rooms will definitely find takers.


12. Craft a Strong Value Proposition


A strong value proposition should be such that it should make your potential customers book your hotel.


Your value proposition should strike a chord with your customers.


Think about it? Customers have many options these days. Why should they choose you over their competitors?


Sheraton (owned by Marriot) has a striking value proposition. Since Mariott is a household name in the hotel industry, it is good to learn from the best.



Now, that’s a strong opener.


Followed by a warm welcome emphasizing the rich experience i.e. 80 years and 400 communities.



This is a powerful statement. 70+ countries and letting customers know that they are ready to host them.


Appealing, isn’t it?


13. Give out your space to host parties and events


Your hotel has a spacious hall where seminars, conferences and other business gatherings can be conducted. Let people know that your place is up for grabs.


It won’t be long before people start knocking at your doorstep.


Not just business but pleasure events such as weddings, birthdays, and reunions can fetch you an additional income.


You never know when guests might book rooms. Do your bit and lady luck will soon follow.




Nothing beats customer experience. A positive guest experience precedes all the following points. Ensure that customers leave your hotel satisfied so that not only do they recommend you to others but keep visiting you again.


Avinash Patil

Written by Avinash Patil