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The 4 Secret Strategies To Improve Customer Experience Of Your Retail Store

By Team Survaider

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Have you ever wondered why some retail stores are so successful in persuading their customers to buy more than their requirements?

Is it because of human psychology?

Or is it due to some behind the scene tactics that you are not aware of?

We are going to disclose the top secret strategies that are being used by some of the thriving retail stores to achieve higher revenues. So here they are:

1. Compelling and vibrant entrances

As soon as you enter these type of stores, you will notice that their entrances often look more colorful and vivid.

More often than not, their first few sections are usually loaded with fruits and vegetables of vibrant and bright colors.


Moreover, whenever the season changes or even during holiday seasons, these stores regularly reorganize the layout to make it visually inviting to the buyers.

Besides, studies have also shown that customers become more excited and joyful whenever they encounter such pleasing and eye-catchy scenes.

The rich and vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables can easily stimulate your customers' brains so that they can start their shopping journey with a joyful mood.

Furthermore, if you notice carefully, you will note that these fruits and vegetable sections are actually set quite lower than their height.

This is because a retail store is not just about fruits and vegetables, but it instead houses a million other products.

Customers standing at the front door should be able to get a sense of how large the store is, and moreover, they should be able to see different sections and aisles.

Therefore, successful retail stores often use this tactic to induce a sense of largeness and curiosity among its customers, which in turn transforms them into explorers.

Finally, note that this tactic is not just for the sake of attracting customers or to fetch more money from them.

Such things also make a customer's experience much more pleasing and delightful!

2. Liquor selling division should be at the very back of the store

Do you know why those liquor selling sections are at the very end of the store?

Well, the thing is customers who typically come to purchase alcohol would have already fixated their mind on what to buy.

liquor-memeTherefore, by placing liquor sections at the very back of the store, retailers are inducing purchase impulsions amongst such customers.

So whenever those customers travel through aisles, they would have to check out every section that comes in between, and they might actually pick many extra items while doing so.

It is, therefore, a great business strategy for the retail stores.

But how does this translate into a better experience for the customers?

Well, the idea is very simple, actually.

Imagine that you on a date in your neighborhood or at a new place, and you already have made up your mind to visit some place.

But what if you accidentally discover some exciting restaurants or a dessert place while you're traveling to that place.

Wouldn't that be a much more beautiful experience?

It is, therefore, a much better strategy to move your liquor selling section at the very back of your retail store.

Not only it helps your customers to explore more, but even your retail store business will end-up making more profits.

3. Let children help you. We're not kidding!

Successful retailers know that children often help their business to achieve higher revenues, and therefore, they tend to provide a better experience for them as well.

Since children have smaller height, retailers try to organize shelves of the toy sections according to their needs and not according to their parent's needs.

Retailers usually place the cheapest toys at the very top of the shelf and try to stuff all the best-selling toys (usually the expensive ones) at the very bottom.

This is done because, whenever children get to see and hold such eye-catchy toys, they usually persuade their parents to buy those for them.


Therefore, by placing some of the best-selling and expensive toys at the very bottom of the shelves, retailers are able to get maximum profits out of the parent's wallets.

Note that, through this strategy, the stores are not only targeting specific customers (in this case children), but they are also expressing care and concern towards them, especially towards their experience at the store.

4. Shopping cart design does matter

Whenever you visited retail stores, did you ever take time to notice how well the shopping carts have been designed?

Why do you think they have a see-through type of design?

Well, despite being lightweight, shopping carts are usually designed in that manner because every other shopper should be able to see your cart items as well.

This is done because we as humans often tend to have more interest in other people's lives.

And when it comes to shopping, we subconsciously try to note what others are buying by at least having a glance at their shopping carts.

Therefore, retailers often use this strategy to trigger impulsing buying behavior amongst their customers.

And as a result, their customers usually end up buying more than their needs or requirements.


So in just about 5 minutes, we hope that you are able to learn some new strategies that are often employed by successful retailers.

Honestly speaking, not all stores know these, nor they employ such tactics.

Such strategies are usually utilized by a few large retail chains, that are most often being run by a team of corporate experts.

Their main motive, however, is to generate a lot more revenue firstly, and secondly, to make customers visit their stores again and again.

So finally note that the primary purpose of this article was to introduce some of the best strategies and tactics, that are currently being used by some of the successful retail stores.

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Team Survaider

Written by Team Survaider