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How Important Are Online Reviews For Your Business?

By Madhulika Mukherjee


Businesses are gearing up to the competition. It is intense out there and stats say that 92% of the consumers now read online reviews.

Ratings rule businesses. Think about it, why won’t they?
Gone are the days when there used to be one or two best in town, where everyone used to hang out.
Nowadays it is all about apps, new businesses, new startups, and we all love trying new places out.
But, from a customer’s point of view, how will he choose out of the plethora of places to go to?
That’s right, he is looking for some good ratings and online reviews.

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Reviews are important. Not just because it reflects how your customers feel about you but also for a myriad of other reasons.

Online reviews drive traffic to your website

Websites which display online customer reviews of your business, showcase a lot of other businesses as well.
When seeking out a new restaurant in a new place, we check reviews on sites like Zomato, along with the particular search, it also displays other places of same area.

Review sites of this kind and others have a big impact on businesses as well as on the consumer’s decision.


Reviews impact search ranking

Google shows the top 3 relevant search results for any business. Currently it displays the top three most relevant businesses for any search.
reviews impact google search ranking

Now you would think, that’s a sweet place to be present at!
A Forbes article wrote “An expert with a white-label SEO company says review signals have been ranked as the fifth most important search-engine ranking factor.

Businesses with higher reviews will, therefore, be more likely to hit that coveted “top three” spot.


Online reviews have onsite ranking benefits

When the number of reviews about a product or service increase, it also increases the the chance of getting featured as a trustworthy presence online.
Those pages are ranked higher than others and they appear more as rich answers.
Google says, “Once Google understands the data on your site, your data can be presented more attractively and in new ways”
It is also possible to micro-format the reviews on your site, this makes Google index them straight from their and present as rich answers for each queries.


Online reviews impact decisions

Buying decisions get impacted a lot due to reviews. What do you do when you want to buy a new phone? You read reviews and search for specifications.
Reviews therefore highly impact decisions about purchases.



It is worth mentioning that importance of online reviews are increasing.
People are becoming aware of it, and are using to their benefits to make decisions and stay informed about things online.

The importance of consumer reviews on buying decisions is increasing every year. Reviews are here to stay, gear up!


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Madhulika Mukherjee

Written by Madhulika Mukherjee